September 29, 2016

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I got a bunch of emails from folks asking me to clarify a bit on what exactly is Google going to miss ?  

Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 My guesstimate for the Wallstreet “whisper” number is $2050M in gross revenues for Q4-2005, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 that would represent a 30% increase over Q3-2005 (the consensus official estimates are obviously less than this).

Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 I reason that Google will miss that 30% sequential growth since their Q4 search PVs only grew by around 8% from Q3 (src: Comscore). Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 That would mean that their RPS (Revenue Per Search) has to grow by 20%+ during Q4 to bridge the gap between 8% and 30%. Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 I do not think is feasible without significant changes, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 e.g. Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 more ads above the results, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 larger descriptions for the ads, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 or significant increase in CPCs.  

Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 In 2004, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 Google search PVs grew by 14% from Q3 to Q4, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 and their revenues grew by 28%. Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 So RPS just needed to bridge the gap between 14% and 28%, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 which is doable; given that they were making lots of monetization improvements at the time. Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 However, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 its very hard for the RPS this year to close the gap between 8% natural search volume growth and the 30% anticipated by the bulls.

Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 Anyway, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 on Tues Jan 31st all shall be revealed …

Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 — amr  

Etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 PS: Thanks to Ken Norton, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 Silicon Beat, etodolac 500mg pills $266.00 Caterina Fake and John Battelle for the mentions …

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