September 30, 2016

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Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 First, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 I was pleasantly surprised to see that CNN Money quoted and linked to my blog (just a few hours before my prediction came true, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 I made this prediction about more than 2 weeks ago):

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 “Rival trashes Google’s growth prospects

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 However, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 I was very upset by the wording they used in that title. Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 My blog represents my personal views and do not reflect those of Yahoo what so ever, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 also I did not trash Google. Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 Its misquotes like this that cause bloggers major problems and could potentially lead us to stop writing, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 so please be careful next time.

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 Now its time to gloat 🙂 Google earnings are out, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 their sequential gross revenue growth was 22%, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 which did not just miss the 30% that the bulls were predicting, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 but also barely met the lowest of the sequential growth estimates (which was around 23%).

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 To top it off, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 Google also increased and plans to increase its spending significantly. Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 They hired 700 more folks in Q4, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 they doubled their sales and marketing spend (over 2004-Q4), diovan 80mg pills $152.00 and they said their expenses are likely to rise significantly as they invest in long term projects. Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 So its really a double whammy from top and below.

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 That said, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 22% sequential growth for a $1919M Q4 is still very impressive, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 but it missed the expectations and it certainly does not justify the $500 to $600 stock price targets that some analysts are setting. Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 To put things in perspective, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 Microsoft with a marketcap of $300B did $11B in sales last quarter, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 that is almost double what Google made for the whole year, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 so how can Google get a marketcap of $150B (at $500 price target). Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 I think Greenspan had a word for this, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 let me try to remember, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 ah, diovan 80mg pills $152.00 he called it “irrational exuberance”.

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00 — amr

Diovan 80mg pills $152.00

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