February 13, 2006

Yahoo Frontpage Explosions

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I am writing this post to ask some of you what they think about flashy advertising that yahoo frontpage does every now and then, specifically things like:

Yahoo Frontpage Nade Yahoo Frontpage Bomb

Do you like this kind of thing ? If you do not like it, are you ok seeing it every now and then ? assuming that a majority of folks do indeed like it ? (after all TV ads are much flashier than this).

BTW, if you are a search focused person, you can always use the search frontpage (search.yahoo.com), which looks like:

Yahoo Search Frontpage

Also did you happen to see the new frontpage that Yahoo is testing, it looks like this:

 Yahoo Frontpage Test

Do you like this new design ?

If you notice at top left of that design there are two buttons: MY YAHOO and MY MAIL that convert the look and feel of the front-page to be mail focused or my-yahoo focused. Would you like to also have a SEARCH button up there that converts the look and feel to be search focused ?

 — amr

PS: I need more than 5 folks to respond to this 😉


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