September 29, 2016

Danazol 50mg Pills $136.00

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Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 Caterina pointed me to a ValleyWag posting with this title:

Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 “Searching across the tracks: We’re sick of seeing Yahoo employees with Google on their home pages

Amr Homepage

Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 They were referring to my homepage which does feature a search box for Google Scholar. Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 Well, imigran 25mg pills $350.00 I did mention in a previous blog of mine that I love Google Scholar and unfortunately Yahoo does not have an equivalent product. Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 Note that ValleyWag later on made another blog posting acknowledging my google miss prediction (sorry, imigran 25mg pills $350.00 cant help but keep rubbing it in 🙂 )

I have to admit that this is not the only Google Search Box that I use. Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 I have a side family business for Egypt and on that site I use the Google Adsense Search Box. Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 Even though Yahoo does have an equivalent search box, imigran 25mg pills $350.00 it does not pay me a share of the revenue for the searches the site generates (btw, imigran 25mg pills $350.00 SpiffY!Search is an even cooler implementation of an in-page yahoo search box).


 Hopefully one day yahoo will offer competitive products and I will switch right away.

Imigran 25mg pills $350.00  — amr

Imigran 25mg pills $350.00 PS: Egypt Football (aka Soccer) team won the African Cup yesterday, imigran 25mg pills $350.00 1000 congrats.

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September 29, 2016

Lopressor 100mg Pills $262.00

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Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 By “low” I am not referring to the stock price, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 which is now down $100 since my blog entry predicting their miss 🙂 , duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 rather I am referring to sacrificing good user experience on their SERP for making more cash. Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00

Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 Google is now testing longer abstracts for the ads above the web results, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 these abstracts go as long as 200 characters (2 to 4 lines on some screens). Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 This is opposite to what Yahoo is doing, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 in mid January Yahoo moved towards shorter abstracts. Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 The only reason to do longer abstracts for ads is to make more money by pushing the good web results further below the fold. Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 The first time I heard about these longer abstract tests, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 I said to my self Google must be doing this for the adsense network, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 and then I was blown away to see them actually testing them on the main Google SERP.

Google Tests Longer Ad Abstracts

Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 It will really be interesting to see how the Google SERP evolves this year. Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 It seems that Google ran out of innovations for the algorithms matching ads to queries, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 so now the main way to create more growth is to change their SERP. Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 Currently Google shows up to 3 ads above the web results in the north section of the page, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 will we see 4 soon ?

Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 Finally, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 did you see today’s WSJ article about Google paying Dell $1B (yes, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 billion) so that new machines Dell sells will have Google as the default search in IE! This is an insane payment, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 as much as $10 per machine. Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 Do they really expect to make that search money back over the life time of the user ? Possibly if it’s a new user who never leaves them, duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 but how many of those are left ?

Duphalac 200ml bottle $76.00 — amr

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