April 4, 2006

How much does Google value you ?

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As you know, Google last year introduced a feature that dynamically sets the required Minimum Bid for a given keyword (before that they had a flat $0.05 minimum bid for all keywords). I commented on this change as being smart but evil at the same time, since it lets Google price its keyword inventory to perfection and capture every penny possible, thus leaving a small margin for you, the bidder.

This allowed Google to drop the default minimum bid from $0.05 to $0.01, which allows them to capture more listings from keywords that were not ROI positive at 5 cents and above. However, at the same time it protects the high value keywords since Google can over-ride the minimum keyword bids for those terms individually.

So for fun, I went to Google today and checked what is the minimum required bid for some people names, here are the results:

Alicia Witt $1.00
Courtney Love $0.50
Rene Russo $0.50
Arnold Schwarzenegger $0.30
Ken Norton $0.30
Julia Roberts $0.30
Steve Jobs $0.20
George Bush $0.20
Isaac Newton $0.20
Britney Spears $0.20
Terry Semel $0.10
Tom Cruise $0.10
Osama Bin Laden $0.10
Albert Einstein $0.10
Chris Anderson $0.10
Jeremy Zawodny $0.10
Guy Kawasaki $0.10
John Battelle $0.10
Larry Page $0.10
Mark Cuban $0.10
Bill Gates $0.10
Matt Cutts $0.10
Amr Awadallah $0.05
Caterina Fake $0.05
Chad Dickerson $0.05
Jennifer Sleg $0.05
Udi Manber $0.03

Its really hard to figure out the logic behind their algorithm, if any, so for example, consider these facts based on the numbers above:

  • George Bush is valued at twice Osama Bin Laden
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is valued three times Tom Cruise
  • Steve Jobs is worth twice as much as Bill Gates
  • Isaac Newton is worth twice as much as Albert Einstein
  • Alicia Witt is the most valued among this list, she is worth five times Britney Spears
  • Terry Semel, Larry Page, Mark Cuban and Bill Gates all have the same value
  • Among the bloggers I checked, Ken Norton topped the list at $0.30
  • I, Caterina, Chad, and JenSense were tied as the cheapest bloggers, at $0.05 each
  • Poor Udi Manber is valued at $0.03, hopefully his recent move to Google will help improve that 😉
  • — amr

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