January 17, 2022

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First, I am very sorry I have not been posting much lately, a huge surge of work stuff plus PhD demands are diminishing my spare time, and hence this blog has to give.

That said, today I found an interesting question on Yahoo Answers that goes as follows:

“Why Shouldn’t Google Answers Let People Ask Questions About Google?”

The question was posted by Danny Sullivan, and you can read the context for it at:


The jest of the issue is summarized as:

… Google officially disallows people to ask questions about the company because the researchers at Google Answers aren’t Google employees. Got that? Freelance researchers are apparently qualified to answer questions about any other company in the world, but when it comes to Google, special treatment is required. Incredible.

My answer to the question (on yahoo answers) is:

I am from Egypt, and this attitude from Google is not unlike many of the middle-eastern presidents. To appear democratic, they now let you say what ever you want, criticize the government and politics as much as you like, but never, never, question any thing the president is doing.

That’s why I was amazed when I saw this hilarious video clip of Colbert ridiculing Bush’s actions *in front* of Bush and the press corr:


If that was in the middle-east, the president’s response would most likely have been like this:


In conclusion, Google is the president of the Internet, you can’t talk about the president, that is the Google democracy.

— amr

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