September 28, 2016

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Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 I cant believe it has been almost 2 months since my last blog posting, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 sometimes time just flies (or is that flees?).

Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 This is just a quick note about some changes that I saw Google do this quarter, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 and how I think it might impact their revenues.

  • Domain Searches:Previously when you searched on Google for a domain like “” you would get back a special page with just one web result for that domain and there was no ads what so ever on that page. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 Starting around first of Sept, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 when you search Google for a domain like search term you will get back a full fledged SERP with ads and the works. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 This will certainly create revenue growth for Google, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 probably in the low single digit range.
  • 8 East Only: For the very small percent of users whom customized the Google SERP to display more than 10-results, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 Google used to show a lot of east (right rail) ads since the page was very long (specially for those who customized to 100 algo results/page). Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 But now Google only limits the east to just 8 ads regardless of your customization, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 this will probably have a non perceivable revenue impact.
  • Personalized North Sponsored:North Sponsored is the ad section above the algo web results, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 Google currently only shows 1, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 2, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 or 3 ads in that section (and the remainder goes to east, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 i.e. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 the right side of the page). Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 So far Google only decided on 1, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 2, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 or 3 based on the query term, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 e.g. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 for a highly commercial query like “Car Insurance” you will see 3 ads in the north, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 but for a research type query like “Scheduling Algorithms” you will see 0 ads in the north. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 However, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 starting middle of September it looks like Google now also takes into account both the query and the user doing the query. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 If that user usually does not click on ads when s/he searches for that query then the north will have 0 ads, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 and if that user usually clicks a lot on north when s/he does that query then Google will show more north ads. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 Its not clear whether this change will be revenue positive or negative, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 I think it might be flat to down overall, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 but at same time it will provide a better user experience for their core users.

Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 Please add a note to the comment section if you noticed any other significant changes.

Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 Cheers, lyrica 150mg pills $273.00

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