August 31, 2016

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Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 Cloudera Logo The new company I am starting is called Cloudera, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 it will be offering support for Hadoop, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 think RedHat for Hadoop, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 but that is just the beginning.

Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 My co-founders are a bunch of really interesting folks:

  • Mike Olson was CEO of Sleepycat, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 which commercialized Berkeley DB, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 the open source embedded database engine. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 Mike spent two years at Oracle after they acquired SleepyCat in 2006. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 You can read this article about Mike from InformationWeek to find out more.
  • Christophe Bisciglia just left Google, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 he created and managed their Academic Cloud Computing Initiative, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 which is a public hadoop cluster for academia/research. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 You can read this article about Christophe from BusinessWeek, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 his photo was featured on the cover of that issue.
  • Jeff Hammerbacher just left Facebook, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 where he started and managed the Data Team. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 The team made a lot of contributions to Hadoop under his stewardship, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 most important of which is Hive (a SQL structured data layer on top of Hadoop). Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 You can read Jeff’s Mainly Data Blog here, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 and you can also watch a video of him giving a talk about Facebook at Yahoo.

Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 In addition to these folks, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 we also started building out our founding engineering team: Aaron Kimball joined us as a full-time software developer, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 and so did Tom White. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 Alex Loddengaard joined us as an intern, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 and Matei Zaharia joined us as a part-time consultant. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 We are hiring a couple more engineers, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 but that’s it for now. Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 The skills required are a solid understanding of large-scale distributed systems and strong C++/Java programming experience, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 we also have one position for an outstanding front-end developer, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 specifically Javascript/AJAX.

Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 We are in the process of wrapping up our funding (we don’t need any more cash at this point), erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 and will soon announce our investors and technical advisors.

Erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00 Cheers, erythromycin 250mg pills $144.00

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