September 26, 2016

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Topamax 200mg pills $127.00  

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 That is my prediction. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 For some history, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 read my previous blog posting about how Google increased the monetization of their SERP in Q3 by:

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 (1) adding up to 3-north-listings (above algo results), topamax 200mg pills $127.00

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 (2) increasing north coverage significantly, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 and

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 (3) Variable-Term-Pricing (setting min max-bids on a per-term basis, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 rather than a flat $0.05 min).

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00  These changes led Google to a very strong Q3 where they showed a sequential growth of 14% over Q2 of 2005, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 a very strong increase for a typically slow summer quarter. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 That, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 however, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 sets the standard very high for Q4 of 2005, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 hence my prediction that they will miss the wallstreet estimates for Q4 sequential growth. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 I monitored their UI closely in Q4 and did not see any significant monetization changes to boost Q4 ala what happened with Q3.

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 In fact, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 Google admitted that fact in an Nov 2005 SEC filing which stated: “seasonal trends in the third quarters of 2005 and 2004 may have been disguised by certain monetization improvements to our advertising programs, topamax 200mg pills $127.00”

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00  That said, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 there is many other reasons to sell GOOG, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 for example:

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 1. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 YPN will be hitting the Adsense program hard in 2006 once it’s out of beta. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 The adsense program is indeed starting to slow already, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 the google network revenue grew by 7% sequentially in Q3-2005 as opposed to 20% for google site.

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 2. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 Google is going nuts with capital spending (it spent almost twice what Yahoo spent)

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 3. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 Google is also hiring like nuts, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 800+ people in Q3, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 on top of 700+ people in Q2 (i.e. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 a 1/3 of Google’s work force joined in these two quarter). Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 There is two downsides to this: (a) they are hiring lower quality folks (we interview same folks and see who they pick), topamax 200mg pills $127.00 (ii) they are hiring like yahoo was in 1999/2000, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 i.e. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 hiring today expecting that more revenue will come later, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 that is not always true (as yahoo learned the hard way and laid off a ton of folks in period 2001-2003).

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 4. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 Google has been growing the cost of revenues much faster than revenue, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 in fact their operating margin fell from 35.2% in Q1 of 2005 to 33.5% in Q3

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 In summary, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 if you have been thinking about selling/shorting google, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 now might be a very opportune time. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 I will symbolically short 1 share of Google tomorrow 😉

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 — amr

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 update: A colleague of mine reminded me that Google did a SERP UI change in early December, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 they increased the font-size for the East adword listings (i.e. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 listings on the right rail of the page). Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 We call this type of change an “accelerator change” which is usually done to try and catch up with revenue projections, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 its another signal that Google’s Q4 quarter is a bit in trouble. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 Note that they launched this change after the peek of xmas shopping.

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 update: As promossied I did short Google on the morning of Jan 13, topamax 200mg pills $127.00 2005. Topamax 200mg pills $127.00 I actually shorted 10 shares at $465.

Topamax 200mg pills $127.00  

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