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I have been using Netflix for a long time, probably since they started, [clomipramine 10mg pills $115.00] but last year I switched to Blockbuster, this is why: First, nothing against Netflix, they invented this space, so kudos to them for sure. However, Blockbuster won me over due to the following reasons:

  1. I, and my wife, prefer to watch blockbuster movies, as opposed to obscure movies. Netflix typically had very long wait times for such movies, and tended to push my queue towards the obscure movies. But blockbuster seems to be very well provisioned in that space.
  2. Every month Blockbuster gives me 2 coupons to get in the store and rent any 2 DVDs or games for free. It is the games part which I like, I am a hardcore gamer :)
  3. Sometimes I forget clomipramine 10mg pills $115.00 to drop the movie in mail, and it is weekend already, now Blockbuster lets me take the return envelope into the store and get a free rental on spot. The new movie, replacing the movie I returned, will still be mailed to me (they call it ).
So I guess the jest of it is that Blockbuster is more convenient for me given my viewing/gaming habits. Clomipramine 10mg pills $115.00 as for online (downloadable) movie rentals clomipramine 10mg pills $115.00, the xbox360/xboxlive is what i use for that since it is in the living room and they support hd movies (hopefully they will come out with a larger hard disk this year, i run out of space very quickly). Cheers, -- amr

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