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My Cingular plan was due for a phone upgrade which I did this week. Diflucan 50mg pills $119.00 from canadian pharmacy i had to choose between two offers they had: for $149. 99 after a $100 mail-in rebate for $199. 99 After a lot of reading and research I picked the Sony Ericsson S710a which I think beats the Motorolla Razr v3 with all hands and legs down ! This is why I choose the SE-S710a: -- SE-S710a screen size is 240x320 (Razr is 176x220) -- SE-S710a memory is 32MB on phone 32MB MemoryStick Duo (Razr is just 5MB total). -- SE-S710a has a 1. 5 Megapixel camera (Razr is only 0. 5 Megapixel) -- SE-S710a records video (Razr only plays back video) -- SE-S710a camera has 8x Zoom (Razr is only 4x zoom) -- SE-S710a has a builtin flash light (Razr got none) -- SE-S710a comes with a head set for no extra charge -- SE-S710a comes with a very nice memory-stick/compact-flash USB reader device. -- All the is free, while you have to pay $29. 99 for the Razr PC software called "mobile PhoneTools" The only advantages of the Razr over SE s710a are: -- The Razr is quad-band and hence supports the 900MHz band (while s710 is tri-band and does not support diflucan 50mg pills $119.00 from canadian pharmacy 900MHz) -- The Razr is a little bit lighter and thinner (though its wider) Other than the features listed above both devices were a tie. So in summary diflucan 50mg pills $119.00 from canadian pharmacy, if you absolutely need a quad-band phone (i. e. supports the 900MHz frequency) then get the Razr, otherwise you should definitely get the SE s710a. [diflucan 50mg pills $119.00 from canadian pharmacy] -- amr

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