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I am half way through the campaign (co-op with my son). I also played about a dozen online multiplayer matches. I love it, duphalac 200ml bottle $120.00 it's Halo 2, just better, much better, and that is exactly what I [duphalac 200ml bottle $120.00] wanted. They did not mess with the fundamentals of the game, they just improved the graphics, finished the story, and added a lot of new cool toys for multiplayer (equipment/vehicles/weapons/accessories). Duphalac 200ml bottle $120.00 the graphic textures are crisp clear on 1920x1080p and way better than halo 2 duphalac 200ml bottle $120.00, they are not ultra realistic like gears of war or bioshock, but they are good graphics, eye candy in every sense. My only qualm is why is it rated M? I want my 12-year old son to play it with me, and my wife is making me feel guilty about it due to the M rating. The game actually does not have any gruesome violence (ala Gears of War chain-saw action), just artistic blood splatter ala the movie 300, but without any limbs being cut off. Anyway, I think it is ok for pre-teens to play it, and trust me, they will. My son enjoyed "The Forge" a lot, it is like his virtual playground where he can make explosive physics experiments or drop tanks on top of his friends, a very welcome addition. The mobile bases on the Sandtrap map are hilarious and really change the game dynamics. . The game is also revolutionary in being Web 2. 0 like, that is you can easily share screenshots and video clips with your friends. The replay theater is super cool, lets you replay the action from any angle and pause/slowmo to learn tricks from other folks you were playing with. That's all I can say for now, need to wrap up some work so that I can run back home to finish the fight :) -- amr

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