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This is a parody based on the 300 movie twisted [herbolax 100 tablet bottle $55.00] to reflect Microsoft's hostile take over bid for Yahoo. We did not do voice-over, so you will need to read the captions (except for one part, guess which :) ). As the disclaimer at the beginning says, this clip herbolax 100 tablet bottle $55.00 is intended for entertainment value only herbolax 100 tablet bottle $55.00, it does not necessarily reflect our personal views and certainly does not reflect Yahoo!'s official views in any way, shape, or form. The idea for the clip is mine, as in Amr Awadallah the person and not Amr whom works for Yahoo! Inc. Herbolax 100 tablet bottle $55.00 you can see the video on youtube as embedded below (i posted this on youtube instead of yahoo! video to further emphasize that this has nothing to do with yahoo! inc):

If the youtube player does not work for you, you can download the original wmv video clip from: Enjoy, -- amr PS: The 300 movie is awesome, so go rent or buy it (It is astonishing that most of this movie was actually shot in a studio).

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