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After the miss from isoptin 120mg pills $92.00 last quarter, all the analysts cut their sequential revenue growth estimates from the 25 to 30% range for 2005-Q4, to just 9 to 15% range for 2006-Q1. I think Google will come in within that range, however, I predict that the stock will still drop as this is what folks expected isoptin 120mg pills $92.00, and I do not see them beating it by much (GOOG is at $409. Isoptin 120mg pills $92.00 66 as of today's close). Furthermore, I have a gut feeling that Google will surprise us with some [isoptin 120mg pills $92.00] large increase in costs, specially for sales and marketing. Next week should be super fun with both Yahoo (4/18) and Google (4/20) releasing earnings. Cheers, -- amr

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