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About two years ago I wrote about , well, now I am switching back to Netflix. The reasons for the reversal:

  1. Netflix now streams movies to my PC (in home office) lincocin 500mg pills $191.00, Xbox 360 (in living room), and PS3 (in bedroom) :). Lincocin 500mg pills $191.00 i only ask that they expand the online streaming selection to include newer movies, even if i have to pay an extra per movie fee for that (i don't like to pay xbox live or playstation network $5 to see a movie, that is such a rip off)
  2. netflix now is much better at shipping out blockbuster titles without a long wait (i actually timed blockbuster vs netflix head to head on a number of popular new movies, netflix always shipped out first)
  3. netflix's web user interface is more intuitive and much snappier than blockbuster's, especially when it [lincocin 500mg pills $191.00] comes to editing the movie queue and moving things around.
  4. Last, but not least, previously with Blockbuster when I dropped a movie at the physical store, I could pickup another movie lincocin 500mg pills $191.00 from the store then they immediately shipped another movie from my queue. They changed that system, they now don't ship another movies from the queue until I return the movie I picked from the store. Furthermore, they now limit the number of in-store swaps that you can do. This was actually one of the main reasons why I started looking at Netflix again.
Bye bye Blockbuster. -- amr

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