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I was sorting through some old papers and I found a hand written sheet labeled "Past Lessons". It was written by , he was the CEO for VivaSmart prozac 40mg pills $83.00, [prozac 40mg pills $83.00] and now CEO at . Here is Charlie's advice FWIW:

  • Be true to your desires . . . not other's expectations of you.
  • Evaluate a situation based on what it is . . . prozac 40mg pills $83.00 not what you want it to be.
  • Be with the best possible team
  • Are you one of the people making it happen or the only one?
  • Don't hang on too long
Attached to that sheet was also this nice quote from :
The key distinction is between failing and losing. Failing means getting blocked on an intended course, backing out, and restarting. Losing means persisting in your failing ways, refusing to change your current course, and instead putting significant effort into justifying the course. Worse yet, it means getting defensive whenever you are challenged about your vision. In high-tech ventures, you can expect to fail many, many times. Prozac 40mg pills $83.00 that's part of the deal. You get up, brush yourself off, and get back in the game. But lose just once, and you may never have another chance. That too is part of the deal.
Thanks Charlie, -- amr

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