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I just came back about an hour ago from watching the movie with . I was very eager to see the movie since I am a [remeron 30mg pills $415.00] sucker for the leadership/loyalty/macho theme. I also like the gore, which I know is sick, but hey, I would never kill a chicken in real life (though if you mess with one of my , I would probably kill you :) ). The movie did live up to my expectations remeron 30mg pills $415.00, it was stunning visually, tons of action, had a couple of explicit beheadings, and it did not really have a ton of blood (they had a proper balance, which is good). Remeron 30mg pills $415.00 it was artistic, it was not animation, nor cell shading, it was real footage, but had a comic like theme to it (i guess it is the way they did the coloring/lighting and how they added the blood speckles). The story was simple, an invading massive Persian army asking the Spartans (and the Roman Empire Greece at large) remeron 30mg pills $415.00 to kneel in front of them or die. The Spartans, 300 of them, fought back for freedom of all (the rest of the Roman Greek army did not join the fight due to bribery, corruption, and internal politics). The Spartans were not civil though, they were barbaric, "No Mercy, No Prisoners" was a line from the movie, they killed all, the sick, the wounded, the PoWs, it did not matter. Furthermore, if young babies were born unfit, they throw them away! (but we still liked the Spartans, and felt sad when one of them died, how ironic is that). The ending was not well done IMHO, a smart leader should have calculated the risks better than that, some times you have to kneel to stand up again later, but I do not want to spoil the movie for you. I don't chat about politics much in my blog, but this movie should not be shown in the middle east (Iraq specifically), because frankly, they think they are the Spartans, and the US is the invading Persians with their power and technological might, wanting all to kneel in front of them. Below is a couple of key scenes from the movie, click on the photos to see the HD version:

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