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This blog is many things, its kind of my first podcast posting, it shows you how funny (some of) the people at Yahoo really are, and it demonstrates how good the new digital photo camera is. David just bought this new Canon SD400 camera and was showing me how cool it was. I have the Canon S200 (a much older model) that I have been very happy with for a long time. However, I did not like two things in the Canon S200: (1) it limited my video clips to just 30 secs (even less for higher res), (2) it does not play back sounds on the camera while previewing the clips. Tizanidine 4mg pills $121.00 anyway, so i tried out the video features on the canon sd400 by recording the video clip below, tizanidine 4mg pills $121.00 not only is the clip very funny tizanidine 4mg pills $121.00, but i think i will also buy this camera for sure. Click here to [tizanidine 4mg pills $121.00] see the video clip: -- amr

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