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Sorry for the light blog posting lately, very busy with a couple of projects at Yahoo and exploring on the 360. Urispas 100mg pills $171.00 i grabbed this screenshot from google's serp more than a week ago urispas 100mg pills $171.00, i think this is the last change to make the google serp look identical to the yahoo serp :) (actually yahoo shows 4 ads in the north in very rare cases, and google only shows up to 3, though i did see them testing 4 last year).

Ignore the result numbering (like 9. and 10. for the last two results) that is an artifact of the [urispas 100mg pills $171.00] module (I like numbering for results, and it has an option to add that). Finally, don't you guys think that this promotion for Desktop Search is horrible from a UI point of urispas 100mg pills $171.00 view? it overlaps heavily with the pagination module at bottom of their SERP that you can mistakenly click on it instead of the Next arrow:
Cheers, -- amr

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