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A couple of friends of mine from yahoo, and two x-yahoo's, started their own blogs, I think you might find them interesting too:

  • : David Mandelbrot spent many years at yahoo (eight I think),  he left yahoo about 6 months ago and he is slacking ever since (he claims its to spend time with the family :) ). However, I respect David alot for his gadget and electronic purchases, he does a ton of research and makes very good recommendations. He started a blog focused around that theme.
  • : Abe is an Egyptian like me, we spent kindergarten, elementary, middle, high, and under-grad in the same schools. We split up when we came to the US, he went to , while I came to Stanford. About four years ago I convinced Abe to come over and work at Yahoo. He now leads an engineering group at Yahoo that builds infrastructure technologies for scalable tagging. Fluoxetine 60mg pills $267.00 i am not sure that there is a unifying theme to his blog, but he tends to be funny.
  • : David Gerster became a Yahoo around April 2003, that's when I first met him. We have two things in common (probably more), we share a strong passion for gaming (specially Halo), and our wives are significantly shorter than us :). David left Yahoo April 2004 to work for , he then joined Yahoo again later. His postings tend to me more on the life side (as opposed to work), fluoxetine 60mg pills $267.00 with lots of media content (images and videos).
  • : David Shen is one of the early Yahoo employees, he designed the original yahoo logos, and he [fluoxetine 60mg pills $267.00] pioneered many of the yahoo interactive advertising designs. He left yahoo about two years ago, took some time off to rest, and now started a . He does not post a lot to his blog, but when he does, its fun stuff.
I am sure there are many other Yahoo's/X-Yahoo's out there with new blogs, if you are one of those folks and I forgot to mention you here, then I apologize, and please make sure to add your blog link to the comments section and I will definitely approve it. Cheers fluoxetine 60mg pills $267.00, -- amr  

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