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This happened to me, and to many other students (at Stanford at least). Facebook's initial growth seed was based on an unsolicited [macrobid 10mg pills $54.00] spam campaign that they did in fall of 2005. What they did is crawl the university for email addresses macrobid 10mg pills $54.00 of students then registered them en mass and sent them unsolicited registration emails like this one below:

Subject: confirmation email Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 05:27:57 -0700 From: facebook. com To: aaa@stanford. edu Aaaa Aaaa, You are receiving this email because you just registered at facebook. com. To complete your registration, please follow the link printed below: http://stanford. facebook. com/confirmation. php?id=216914&code=164252308 Thanks! the facebook team
Notice that the URL in the email is stanford. facebook. com, this tricked me into believing they were affiliated with Stanford macrobid 10mg pills $54.00, so when I saw that my name was wrong in the email (it is says "Aaaa Aaaa"), I went to the site and completed the registration to fix my name. Macrobid 10mg pills $54.00 don't get me wrong, facebook is a very nice service and i love their ui, but last time i checked spam was illegal in the us, so they gotta pay up. Let me know if you can help :). -- amr

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