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Earlier this year (January) I got a super high definition TV set so that I can enjoy my Xbox 360. The TV set I went for was the , which is a 56" DLP TV that can go as high as 1920x1080p (that is true resolution, not interlaced). The picture quality is amazing on this TV, I highly recommend it. Then around March I upgraded my receiver to which is an HD DVR (its very well done, dual receivers, very easy to use tenormin 25mg pills $166.00, and stores many hours of HD, well worth the $300). Since then I have been in hunt of good shows to watch in HD, this is my current list:

  • (ABC): I am starting to feel lost watching it, its like the authors have no idea where to go from here and they tenormin 25mg pills $166.00 are just making things up on the fly!
  • (ABC): One of two shows I have to watch since my wife watches [tenormin 25mg pills $166.00] them.
  • (ABC): This is the other one.
  • (Show Time): Love the concept, its like an evil hero.
  • (NBC): Did not make my final verdict yet, appealing due to comic nature.
  • (NBC): Looks surprisingly great in HD !!
These are the non-HD shows that I follow and hope to get in HD soon:
  • (SCIFI): Very well done, love it. Tenormin 25mg pills $166.00
  • (scifi): a classic, can't wait for new season to start (hallowed are the ori, or is that googli? ;) )
  • (scifi/bbc): still evaluating, looks ok so far.
  • (Comedy Central): I need my South Park in HD . . .
-- amr

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