July 4, 2022

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Earlier this year (January) I got a super high definition TV set so that I can enjoy my Xbox 360. The TV set I went for was the Samsung HL-R5688W, which is a 56″ DLP TV that can go as high as 1920x1080p (that is true resolution, not interlaced). The picture quality is amazing on this TV, I highly recommend it.

Then around March I upgraded my Dish Network receiver to ViP622 which is an HD DVR (its very well done, dual receivers, very easy to use, and stores many hours of HD, well worth the $300).

Since then I have been in hunt of good shows to watch in HD, this is my current list:

  • Lost (ABC): I am starting to feel lost watching it, its like the authors have no idea where to go from here and they are just making things up on the fly!
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): One of two shows I have to watch since my wife watches them.
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC): This is the other one.
  • Dexter (Show Time): Love the concept, its like an evil hero.
  • Heroes (NBC): Did not make my final verdict yet, appealing due to comic nature.
  • SNL (NBC): Looks surprisingly great in HD !!

These are the non-HD shows that I follow and hope to get in HD soon:

  • Battlestar Galactica (SCIFI): Very well done, love it.
  • Stargate SG1 (SCIFI): A classic, can’t wait for new season to start (Hallowed are the Ori, or is that Googli? 😉 )
  • Dr Who (SCIFI/BBC): Still evaluating, looks ok so far.
  • South Park (Comedy Central): I need my South Park in HD …

— amr

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July 4, 2022

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I saw a couple of blog postings on CNET news and Web Pro news about how Yahoo beat Google 163 to 157 in tennis (you can see the source blog posting here and the photos here).

This reminded me of an Xbox Halo2 showdown between Yahoo and Google in early 2005 (I did not even have a blog back then). Even though Yahoo was defeated, I will still blog about it, because frankly we got smoked, which is proof that not all Google employees use their so-called 20% time to “invent” new things, some of them use that time to practice Halo 2 instead ;).

These are the scores and links to the score sheets on bungie.net:

Googlites, you up for a Gears of War showdown ?


— amr

PS: I have to admit that we cheated a bit, in the last match that we won (our only win), I called in the help of a close friend of mine who does not work for yahoo, however I am not sure all of the Google team did indeed work for Google either, they were just too good to be casual gamers.

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