November 22, 2005

My first Vimeo posting: David Gerster Joke Video

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Very terse postings on my blog lately, very busy at work and home. However, I purposely plan on being terse going forward, I think folks prefer blogs that post something funny/informative every now and then, rather than a gazillion postings per day.

Later this week I plan to make a posting about shorting Google, stay in tune for that one Image

Ok, so this blog posting is about my first Vimeo upload. Vimeo is a Flickr rip-off for Videos, their site is actually pretty well done, I also like the referrals feature they have at the bottom of the clip pages (shows you where traffic to that page is comming from). For example, check the referrals for this clip on Halo 2 xbox live cheating:

Ok, so the Vimeo posting I did was taken using my new cell phone, I took a clip of David Gerster saying a funny (internal) joke, I then emailed it to the vimeo gateway and it worked straightforwardly (is that a word?). You can check the clip out at:

Another nice feature that Vimeo has is taking snapshots out of the video clip and posting them directly to flickr, its a clever move by them, since the photo cross-links back to viemo, hence increasing their distribution and page-rank. You can see an example here:

David Gerster Joke Video

— amr

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