December 29, 2009

Back to Netflix

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About two years ago I wrote about switching from Netflix to Blockbuster, well, now I am switching back to Netflix.

The reasons for the reversal:

  1. Netflix now streams movies to my PC (in home office), Xbox 360 (in living room), and PS3 (in bedroom) :). I only ask that they expand the online streaming selection to include newer movies, even if I have to pay an extra per movie fee for that (I don’t like to pay XBox Live or Playstation Network $5 to see a movie, that is such a rip off)
  2. Netflix now is much better at shipping out blockbuster titles without a long wait (I actually timed Blockbuster vs Netflix head to head on a number of popular new movies, Netflix always shipped out first)
  3. Netflix’s web user interface is more intuitive and much snappier than Blockbuster’s, especially when it comes to editing the movie queue and moving things around.
  4. Last, but not least, previously with Blockbuster when I dropped a movie at the physical store, I could pickup another movie from the store then they immediately shipped another movie from my queue. They changed that system, they now don’t ship another movies from the queue until I return the movie I picked from the store. Furthermore, they now limit the number of in-store swaps that you can do. This was actually one of the main reasons why I started looking at Netflix again.

Bye bye Blockbuster.

— amr

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