February 28, 2008

Comscore’s Google Click Drop Prediction

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Just a quick comment:

  1. Comscore is not always accurate, they are better than other sources, but not always right. They only observe a sample of Internet users, and their sampling error margins can be as high as 5% (they should start publishing that, similar to voting exit polls, etc.)
  2. Google clicks can go down, but revenue can still go up. For example, Google can decide to display less ads on their pages to improve the user experience by eliminating the low quality ads (e.g. by increasing the min-bid per keyword). This focuses the clicks more towards the higher CPC ads, and hence Google can make more money still.

I am not saying that Google will do bad this quarter, neither am I saying they will do well 🙂

All I am saying is take Comscore’s click numbers with a grain of salt.


— amr

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