March 23, 2006

Google testing ads at bottom of their SERP

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Sorry for the light blog posting lately, very busy with a couple of projects at Yahoo and exploring G.R.A.W. on the 360.

I grabbed this screenshot from Google’s SERP more than a week ago, I think this is the last change to make the Google SERP look identical to the Yahoo SERP 🙂 (actually Yahoo shows 4 ads in the north in very rare cases, and Google only shows up to 3, though I did see them testing 4 last year).

Google Ads Bottom

Ignore the result numbering (like 9. and 10. for the last two results) that is an artifact of the CustomizeGoogle module (I like numbering for results, and it has an option to add that).

Finally, don’t you guys think that this promotion for Desktop Search is horrible from a UI point of view? it overlaps heavily with the pagination module at bottom of their SERP that you can mistakenly click on it instead of the Next arrow:

Desktop Search promo


— amr

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